This home has served as a family beach getaway for years and it was just recently passed down to the next generation. Our clients came to us with a mission to maintain the spirit of the home, but with a more contemporary and modern look. The house itself sits directly on the water and the views are absolutely incredible.

For the design, we really wanted to open up the space and do our very best to bring the outside in. We replaced the small double-hung windows will large 7’ picture windows, which modernized the space and maximized the view. For the kitchen, we wanted an airy feel and opted for open shelving to lighten things up. Initially, we were inspired by the large painting that the previous owners commissioned for the home that sits in the dining room. The colors from this ocean scene were striking, so we decided to pull in the same blues and neutral tones throughout the space.

In other areas of the house, the focus was about creating a strong floor plan and finding the right mix of old and new furnishings, paired with modern light for the ideal balance.

BUILD - CA Monsell & Co.